Band Information-  There is NO FEE for a Band to participate!

Here are a few details for ALL to be aware of… 

Bands! Please Read!

·         You will not be allowed to drive your gear up to the stage

o   Your band WILL BE disqualified from playing if you do not obey this nonnegotiable rule!

·         This event strives to be a friendly, fun, family atmosphere.

·         Also, be nice to your fellow artists performing.

·         HAVE FUN!!!!

*Important notes:

·         In order to provide efficient house sound, the drum set is static. Any attempt to remove it from the stage may result in your band’s disqualification.

Guitarists and Bassists

·         You are responsible for your own guitars, stands, cables, effect rigs, etc. At the sole discretion of the sound team, you may use your own amps.

Drum Kit Specs

·         Professional Level Drum Kit w/ metal snare

·         Hydraulic Adjusting Throne

·         Cymbal boom stands, heavy duty (four, 4, total all other cymbal stands are your responsibility)

·         Tama Iron Cobra 900 Pedal

·         Pearl Hi Hat Stand

·         Pearl Snare Stand

o   Professional level b20 bronze Crashes (2), Ride, hi hats. Cymbals will be heavier in weight to accommodate an outdoor venue. If you would like to use your own cymbals, you may. Please put unused backline cymbals gently in provided cymbal bag.

What drummers should bring:

·         Sticks

·         Cymbals (optional)

·         Throne (optional)

·         Cymbal Stands (optional, four,4, provided on the house kit)

·         Pedals (optional)

·         Snare (optional, please bring your own stand if you opt to use your personal snare)

·         Other percussive instruments (if desired, of course, i.e., cowbell, tambourine, etc.)